A creative in the service of innovation

We , Kebuka Urebe Rwanda .Know that it is essential to fully understand the importance of understanding and responding customers needs and desires .This is to say: Their priorities , Values, Inspirations ,Likes and Dislikes.

With this in mind ,our professional service to give , multidisciplinary and diverse offering relevant solutions anticipating customer needs, exceeding their expectations and supports the success of their activities.

We are equipped with modern strategies and more punctuality in better service to give with high technology that are able to produce unsurpassed quality and in record time.Our staff qualified in good service that fascinating everyone.

We make it easier when we are obliged to meet customers demand sometimes exceeds our internal capacities.

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We offer the following Services

  • 1.Lodge
  • 2.Resto-Bar
  • 3.Mini-Library
  • 4.Mini-Stationery
  • 5.Sharing WI-FI
  • 6. Games :Ping-pong; Billiard
  • 7. Sound system
  • 8. Wedding ceremonies and reception service
  • 9.Art-Gallery
  • 10. Mimosa Nursery School


Become one of the best company in the region that offers innovative and creative solutions that meet the needs of the ever-changing market. Our vision is to become a firm operating on a solid foundation for sustainable development.


We are pursuit of the dreams of our customers by providing high-quality products and good services achieved through advanced Technology. We are committed to give our customers a good service .Absolutely quality based on high Technology we use


Our mission is guided by our core values of integrity ,quality , time management and innovation. We have a long term commitment to our employees, our customers communities we serve and our shareholders.

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